The Truth is Forever - Mixed by Soulman

Here's the writeup from Soulman.

"Just when you thought I was retired from the break mix game (I thought I was retired too, who knew)... I started working on this mix almost exactly one year ago and finally finished it today while the wife was at the movies with the kids watching Up (they said it was good). The original idea was to do a joint with all kinds of weird records from a bunch of different genres and countries. Somehow, it ended up being all rock records. Or at least records that would probably be filed in the rock section at your friendly neighborhood record shoppe. That's all I'll say about it, other than this is probably one of my weirder mixes- definitely maintaining the basic Soulman style but with some strange deviations from my traditional format as well. I gotta admit this is one of my favorites- I'm rarely pleased with the finished product of anything I do, but I must say that I was very happy with the results this time.
Peep it for yourself down below, and if you like it please feel free to share it with others, post it up on your blog or bootleg that schitt and sell it behind the counter at the corner bodega along with the apple blunts and loosies. It's free, do what you will with it.
P.S. - sorry but I didn't do a tracklist for this and I honestly don't even remember what more than half of these songs are... I just grabbed whatever rock records were laying around at the time and played whatever sounded half decent. Dollar bin to ultra rare psych... it's all over the place."

The Truth is Forever - Mixed by Soulman

Courtesy Soulman




dutchtwista said...

MORE Soulman please!!!

Anonymous said...

The real schitt twista... plenty more