Live Do-Over Mix (5/27/09) - Mixed by DJ Numark

Numark mixes are waaay too uncommon. So here is a dope Numark mix I found surfing through the Do-Over blog.

**Okay, now that I've actually listened to the mix I can say that this is straight fire. Numark gets love and all, but he really needs to be in that conversation with all the best. His steez is pure funk. Only word to describe his style, straight funky. Oops, I guess that was two words. You get the point.

Live Do-Over Mix (5/27/09) - Mixed by DJ Numark (download)



Man Pipo I have to agree with you on this 1ne too!! One word from me as well...this mix is "platinum plus" ... oops I did it again!!!

Gone 1 said...

Wow, Serato strikes again!

Nu-Mark is one of my favourite DJ's & producers & I was really looking forward to this mix.

The recent beat junkies radio set you posted was ill great selection & real smooth cuts.

Man I am so disappointed with this it's unreal.

I feel that another true school cat has fallen pray to the tricknology that is Serato.

What happened to letting a track breath? what happened to building a section then rocking a connection track to the next section? letting heads get there groove on?

As usual with serato users tracks are cut way to short, hastily made "exclusive/mash up's' back to back, to much chopping & changing just because you can, trigger point edits? no flow to the set.

I can only hope/assume this was a student crowd as it was appealing to the lowest denominator.

I suppose those gigs pay.

Truly awful, another one bites the dust.

jesus said...

Who did that Marvin Gaye remix? The second song Nu Mark plays