88 Keys Making the Beat to Deal Breakers

Nothing more inspiring than some hip hop heads at the apt. with some equipment and ideas.

Part II

THE MAKING OF "DEAL BREAKERS" PT. 2 from 88-Keys on Vimeo.

Part III

THE MAKING OF "DEAL BREAKERS" PT. 3 from 88-Keys on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

That's Fonzworth Bentley taping it, you can tell.

southphillee said...

bro, any idea why i can't see these images from 88keys...all i see is a big empty box with some little icon in the upper left corner which sort of looks like a video icon of some kind...is it something to do specifically with vimeo or is just that this pc i'm using at the moment(my folks')is a piece of crap???...do i need to download some sort of application is what i'm wondering cause this happens sometimes on my myspace page when people send me comments, i can read their text but not see the images they posted....follow me..dudes...can some good samaritan please help a fellow hiphop head/dj out cause this crap's drivin me nuts being that i'm obsessive compulsive...lol...thanks bros

Anonymous said...

It's probably your CPU