Copyright Criminals Documentary on PBS

I've always been a big fan of PBS, but this doc is going to cause me to up my annual donation. This documentary film examines a variety of issues dealing with copyright law. Copyright Criminals will air on PBS Wednesday, January 20th. Check out the trailer and sampling timeline from the PBS site below.

Copyright Criminals Site


Edgar C said...

This is a great topic to discuss.

If music is an addiction, then hip hop for me is the gateway drug.

If it wasn't for hip hop, I wouldn't have knowledge of or appreciation for jazz, funk, blues , classic rhythm and blues, latin music, and, yes, even rock.

When DJs dig through crates and incorporate sounds they love, they in turn expose me and make me love the song or artists they sample.

So if you think about it, hip hop artists are the connectors of the music world.

Besides, the Beatles/Elvis/The Rolling Stones/etc. stole all their sounds amd moves from Black music and guess what? They're celebrated!

So much to say.

Unknown said...

I got arrested for selling my own cds in a flea market in NC!!!! This needs to be discussed and i hope the RIAA can finally be exposed for the blood suckers they really are!!!!

Anonymous said...

great post Pipo... thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Edgar C... i feel the same way. the gateway to lots of music i probably what have not been exposed to if it werent for my hip hop addiction!


Anonymous said...

Edgar C.... On point exactly how i feel. the funny this is that no one wants to admit that.

Edgar C said...

People are so friggin' concerned with their little scraps of money, when really, if these petty millionaires just step back for a friggin' second they'll see that EVERYONE is so much richer because they were exposed to the wealth of music and culture which the deejays of the hip hop community exposes to the world through their work.

The fitting metaphor is when you walk through the supermarket and you have those clerks handing out free "samples" to the customers.
What if Nestle or Kraft starts suing THEM for basically marketing their products the same what that record companies sue deejays for giving samples of their recordings to the world?

Writers quote other authors all the time. Visual artists echo past masters' work in their paintings. Why don't musicians appreciate the fact that deejays pay homage to their work by friggin' sampling them in their work?