A Decade of Flying Lotus - Mixed by Gaslamp Killer

An excellent mix of mostly unheard Flying Lotus beats. This mix was posted via Brainfeeder over the holiday break so I thought I'd post it in case any of you missed it. This is a must listen even if you're not a hardcore Flylo fan (which would include me).

In an unrelated note, how is limelinx working for all of you? In case you're wondering, I opted away from usershare because it deletes files after 30 days instead of 60.

A Decade of Flying Lotus - Mixed by Gaslamp Killer (download)


Anonymous said...

limelinx is good, but i prefer zshare- less popups (less popups that my blocker doesn't block anyway) but what's a few popups for great free mixes

Edgar C said...

limelinx is working fine

thanks for posting this mix

RLFM said...

this mix is great i grabbed it after you posted that live mix of GLK, and as for limelinx i am pleased with it. to be honest any site would be fine, of all the sites you have used i havent found one that was an issue for me