Funk & Rock & Soul Mix - Mixed by J. Rocc

Found this gem of a mix on J.Rocc's soundcloud site. Enjoy.

Funk & Rock & Soul Mix - Mixed by J. Rocc (download)


RLFM said...

wow a j.rocc mix i've never heard? might as well be gift wrapped with a huge bow on top.

thanks pipo!

Big Dro said...

zshare doesn't work for me,please post mirror.Thank you

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I say what RFLM said!

Anonymous said...

I tried to upload the mix with limelinx, but for some reason limelinx wasn't working for me last night. Just go to j.rocc's soundcloud site ( if you're having problem with zshare


Anonymous said...

AWESOME MIX !!!! thnx dude, respect you guys ! Minsk, Blr

G_fos said...

thanks for the great mix!!
Love the John Cameron tune he's using in third minute.
Kick ass