Beat Junkies Dilla Tribute Nightlife

I've got a question for all you LA heads on this blog that have been to one of these Dilla Nightlife events. Which one of the following best describes your experience.

A. Seeing the Beatjunkies is always cool, listening to all Dilla music is always cool, but seeing all the Dilla Stans (most of whom weren't dilla heads until 06) was a bit annoying.

B. Standing in a long line behind a bunch of newjack Dilla Stans wasn't worth it and felt a little creepy.

C. I wish there was more female Dilla stans

D. It was the night of my life.

I haven't been to any of these Dilla Nightlife events and I figure my experience would be somewhere close to options A or B. However, I can't say because I haven't been. I'd be interested in feedback from any of you who have been to one of these events.


Anonymous said...

I was actually pleasantly surprised. I still got that culture in me that dont trust these late comers but to see so many of the youth show up and appreciate this man was a good feeling. As this thing of ours gets older it is right that we all give thanks and respect to the ones who have held it down. Seeing all those kids at the echoplex made me feel like this is exactly what I was thinking about.

pipomixes said...

good to hear. thanks for the feedback


Do yall know if this particular mix is available???