Lovers and Friends - Mixed by Soulman

When Soulman mixes, we should all listen. Soulman's description of the mix below.

I'd like to say this is perfect since this is Valentines Day, but some of the songs are more on some "I lost you and we're not together any more" steez rather than some "I love you and you love me and we'll be together FOREVER" schitt. There's plenty of that too, but I'm just giving y'all that disclaimer before you play this mix for your sweetie tonight and she gets depressed and leaves your ass. Regardless, it's a lot of great music so enjoy.

Lovers and Friends - Mixed by Soulman (download)

Courtesy Soulman

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dfabix said...

everytime I click on the soulman links, it seems to shut down my windows....
any other dl site?