Babu Short Films #11 and #12

These short films are straight money. Film #11 shows Babu's visit to nyc filled with all sorts of footage of home studios, professional studios, and a lot of blunt smoking. Film #12 consists of 8 minutes of bong rips, blunt rolls, and more smoking than a Cheech and Chong movie.


Bowls said...

The videos are always more interesting than the beats, in my opinion. And that doesn't bode well for this upcoming Dilated album.

He has a knack for film though, that's for sure.

dee said...

Ya for being such an influential dj,

his beats are whatever.Hopefully Ev

and Alchemist handle the production

for the dilated album.

Anonymous said...

Babs has some killer beats, but I agree that the ones in these short films are not very good. Maybe he's too high.

Anonymous said...

haha impossible you can never be too high!! Nice vid