A Tribute to Q (Quincy Jones) Part 1 - Mixed by DJ Spinna

Here is a re-post of one of the first mixes ever posted on this blog.

Usershare download link

Snow Creatures
Summer In The City
Gula Matari
Listen To The Melody
Strawberry Letter
Lost Man Theme
Along Came Betty
I'll Be Good To You
What I Been Missing
Tell Me A Bedtime Story
You've Got It Bad Girl
Get The Funk Out My Face
Baby Be Mine
Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me
Give Me The Night
Dinorah Dinorah
Emerald City
Money Soundtrack
Star Of A Story


Unknown said...

wow...talk about great timing...i found your site yesterday and have found so many gems on here....thank you!!!...one i really wanted from your site was this quincy jones one but at the time (yesterday) it was only available as a stream...i've since found it elsewhere but wanted to at least say thank you for taking the time to post such good music..

ADA said...

great concept + great DJ = great mix! thanks for the repost

RLFM said...

quincy's daughter rashida is super beautiful and an above average actress.. i would almost rather look at her then listen to her fathers music

Unknown said...

Pt 2 - anyone got it????

omega said...

I don't have part two... but I recommend a tribute to grover by omega_nyc found on this blog as well