Diggin on Blue - Mixed by Biz Markie

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Even though he is well known for rocking the parties of your favorite hip hop moguls, the diabolical one is better known for having records, than he is known for mixing them. With all that said, Biz does his thing on this mix. Obviously, the song selection is air tight, but the real show is how Biz blends together an assortment of Blue Note classics. I'll admit that I slept on this mix because I did not expect much out of Biz Markie. Much to my pleasant surprise, Biz' mixing skills are at center stage with him rocking doubles so all the naysayers (like myself) know that he's nice on the 1's and 2's, but not too much double rocking so that you are not overly annoyed with the same break over and over again.

Diggin on Blue - Mixed by Biz Markie (download)

1. Prelude - Biz Markie, Gene Harris

2. Lansana's Priestess - Biz Markie, Donald Byrd

3. Blue Mode - Biz Markie, Reuben Wilson

4. Pot Belly - Biz Markie, Lou Donaldson

5. Night Flight - Biz Markie,

6. Ease Back - Biz Markie, Grant Green

7. Smiling Faces Sometimes - Biz Markie, Bobbi Humphrey

8. Little Green Apples - Biz Markie, Monk Higgins

9. Woman of the Ghetto - Biz Markie, Marlena Shaw

10. Three Is the Magic Number - Biz Markie, Bob Dorough

11. Brother Soul - Biz Markie, Lou Donaldson

12. You & Music - Biz Markie, Donald Byrd

13. Sookie Sookie - Biz Markie, Grant Green

14. My Little Girl - Biz Markie, Bobbi Humphrey

15. Holy Thursday - David Axelrod, Biz Markie

16. Sidewinder - Biz Markie, Lee Morgan

17. One Cylinder - Biz Markie, Lou Donaldson

18. Repeat After Me - Biz Markie,

19. Banbara - Biz Markie,

20. Whole Lotta Love - Biz Markie, Ike & Tina Turner

21. Sitting Duck - Biz Markie

22. Inside You - Biz Markie, Eddie Henderson

23. Wind Parade - Biz Markie, Donald Byrd

24. Harlem River Drive - Biz Markie, Bobbi Humphrey

25. Ain't It Funky Now - Biz Markie, Grant Green

26. Everyman's Your Brother - Biz Markie, The Fourth Way


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Anonymous said...

no its not...

thanx Pip


RLFM said...

cant believe i didnt grab this on the first post or when i looked through past posts, i love the biz

B-Kutz said...

no body beats da BIZ...

Steve said...

Don't sleep on the Biz, he's been behind decks for the last 20 years. Along with Kid Capri, he is still one of the most entertaining DJs out of NY.