The Masters - Mixed by The Conmen (Jake One and Mr. Supreme)

I guess I originally posted this back during the fall of 08. Read the original post below to see the wonderfully optimistic outlook I had on the future.

Was it me, or did this week go by slower than a hot summer night with no a/c. Maybe it was the nonstop news of the world's financial collapse, or maybe it was the realization that Thomas Hobbes was right after all, "life is nasty brutish and short." Whatever it was, there has never been a greater need to just lose yourself in the things you love most. If you are a frequenter of this blog, I'm guessing that one of those things that you love is music. So sit back, relax, and listen to Jake One and Mr. Supreme mix all your favorite soul and funk breaks. While you are listening to the mix, try to forget the fact that our futures are as uncertain as the release date for Detox. Sorry for the negativity overkill, but it's been that kind of week.

The Masters - Mixed by the Conmen (Jake One and Mr. Supreme)

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pip ... here are all the conmen mixes...