Wake Up Show 90's Tribute Mix - Mixed by DJ Dstrukt

Excellent mix! Dstrukt's explanation of the mix and tracklist below.

20 minutes of default hip hop joints. Don’t hate, you’ll understand when I tell you the story behind this mix. Tech hit me up and asked me to do a 90’s mix for the show, I obviously said yes, next thing you know, my computer breaks within the next two days. Basically I was shit out of luck, but then I remembered I had a mix that never really got exposed from 2005. Yes, I said 2005! Way before I had Serato. So I took the first three minutes from that mix to be an intro to this 90’s tribute. Everything after the three minute mark is from 2009. So in a nutshell, you get a little piece of 2005 Dstrukt and 2009 Dstrukt. Sorry if that story wasn’t interesting enough for you. Peace.

Wake Up Show 90's Tribute Mix - Mixed by DJ Dstrukt (download)

1. DJ Premier Intro

2. Black Star- Definition

3. Biggie- Get Money

4. D.I.T.C.- Day One

5. Royce da 5’9- Boom

6. Bush Babees- The Love Song

7. Eastflatbush Project- Tried by 12

8. Alchemist- Hold you Down

9. Biggie- One More Chance

10. El De Sensei- Ode to Breaking Atoms

12. Gangstarr- You Know my Steez

13. Krs One- Step into a World(Phone Tap Remix)

14. Wake Up Show Skratch Interlude

15. Mc Lyte- Keep On

16. Pete Rock & CL Smooth- I get Physical

17. Rasco- Unassisted (Skratch Interlude)

18. ATCQ- Keep it Moving

19. Lords of the Underground- Tic Toc (Skratch Interlude)

20. Pharcyde- Ya Mama

21. D’Angelo- Devil’s Pie

22. Erykah Badu- Soldier(2008)

23. Smiff N Wessun- Bucktown

24. Phife Dawg- Once Again

25. Smiff n Wessun Feat. Mary J. Blige- I Love You(Remix)

26. Issac Hayes- Ike’s Mood (Skratch Interlude)

27. Nas- If I Ruled the World(2009)

28. Consequence & Kanye West- Don’t Forget Em(2007)

29. Bush Babees- We Run Things

30. Slum Village- Raise it Up

31. Jungle Brothers- How you want it?(Default Remix)(Exclusive shit)

32. illa J- Are You Listening?(2009)

33. De La Soul- Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa


Anonymous said...

Hi, the link isn't working. Can you please send a working link. Thanks in advance!

pipomixes said...

link worked for me

Anonymous said...

that has happened to me before for the diggin' on blue tape a few weeks ago, but that was cause i was clicking the link, when i clicked the photo which directed me to the link i was str8.

this cover looks cool, dstrukt comes correct.

pipomixes CSR

RLFM said...

this mix looks great, but i know in my heart that after i listen to it spinbad's 90s mix will still be my all time favorite 90s mix despite lacking a lot of hip hop in the mix

Anonymous said...

can u guys ID a track for me? the song (beat) i'm looking for starts @ 11:57 with Phife rapping over with "once again".