BBE Label Mixtape - Mixed by Chris Read

I haven't actually listened to this mix yet, but Chris Read's track record of mixes speaks for itself. Satisfaction, or your money back. Chris Read's explanation of the mix below.

"BBE is, I can say with some confidence, my favourite record label of recent years in terms of consistency and quality of output. From legendary modern day artists such as Dilla and Pete Rock to compilations of obscure and forgotten gems, it's a label that covers a lot of ground and does it all with style. So it almost goes without saying that putting this mix together was an absolute pleasure. The toughest thing was not deciding what to include but what to leave out. I probably could have made a dozen mixtapes with the pile of records I pulled out before getting started and it would have been simple enough to produce a complete mix of music from any one of the label's many genres, but I wanted to try and represent the label's full range. What I ended up with is a fairly quick paced mix which passes through modern soul, hip hop, funk, boogie, disco, a touch of house, reggae, nu jazz, vocal jazz and dancefloor jazz pretty much in that order with a few little surprises along the way. A mix that's so varied is always going to be a little risky as not everybody shares the same range of tastes but I think I've accurately portrayed the label's range of output and had some fun in the process and that, after all, is the most important thing. If you've checked my previous mixtapes, you'll know what to expect in terms of presentation and mixing style, and if not - well here's your chance... I hope you enjoy!"


Jason @ PSB said...

That was my thought exactly when I saw Chris Read! LOL. Never heard a bad Read mix. Can't wait to listen to this one.

How you doin' Pipo? Getting settled in the new digs???

Jeepney said...

Dang it! I wish I can download this onto the iPod for gym time! Dope mix BTW!