Classic Material Part 7 - Mixed by DJ Melo-D

I spent all night trying to get this stupid Antimalware Doctor virus out of my computer. While I resolve these technical difficulties, go here for this Melo-D gem.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a lot of these file sharing sites (Mediafire, Sendspace, zshare, etc.) have these malware viruses attached to some careful..I've learned the hard way myself.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Dump windows and use linux those virus don't affect linux systems. I have a double partition, ubuntu one side, windows xp the other. I never even use my XP. I just keep it for "just in case"

You can't beat a free OS with virtually no virus attacks.Windows sucks ass.

Anonymous said...

Need any help just let me know. I do IT for a living and would help at no cost.


pipomixes said...

thanks for the offer JFunke. I think I've got it all handled. If I need help I'll let you know.


Do all programs really work the same on linux os? There has got to be some shortcomings of using linux. If so, what are they?

Eric Nord said...

stop going to so man porn site, pipo!

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...


Linux has all the programs you'll need but if you need to run Windows based program you can use it through a program called WINE. Here's a list of all programs that can run on wine.

Unlike Windows/Mac you can actually try out the OS without installing it. Just download and burn cd/dvd.

You can try Linux Mint since it doesn't require alot of configuring.