Jealous Toys Die - Mixed by The Conmen (Jake One and Mr. Supreme)

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This isn't just any old break mix. This may be the mother of all break mixes. You may not have heard of the Conmen, per say. But you have heard of producer extraordinaire Jake One, and your favorite deejay's favorite deejay, Mr. Supreme. Together, these two "conmen" have produced nothing short of a perfect mix. The best news of all is that this mix is just one mix of a five part series. The other four mixes will be posted in the very near future. Until then, remember that I'm always thinking of you on a Monday morning. Have a great week.

Jealous Toys Die - Mixed by The Conmen (download)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pipo, great mix, thanx alot !!!!
PS could you please give me a tracklist of it ? (or at least the name of first 3 tunes)
thx alot again, you rock !!!