Shelf Arrangements - Mixed by Marsellus Wallace

This is a top notch mix that I highly recommend you all listen to. I can't think of a better way to start off the week.

Shelf Arrangements - Mixed by Marsellus Wallace (download)

Courtesy Marsellus Wallace


Lou_Minoti said...

yo this mix is extremely boaring mediocre at best, if you play a whole set, and i'm not moved to sample anything you played, you shouldn't be fucking spinning. uncle pipo, your the truth, but this mix is ud lame

Marsellus Wallace said...

you sample from people's mix tapes lol?

Anonymous said...

leave it out lou. i think its top.

Juliano said...

so many haters out there its unreal
i think this is a dope blog and there are some killer beats on this mix

spacecowboy said...

This is definately the best mix i'we heard that october !!!!
THX Marsellus Wallace