The Cee-Lo Green Mix - Mixed by DJ Dmadness

Dmadness' description of the mix below.

Cee-Lo Green is one of the greatest, most soulful artists of my generation. He is sonically and vocally fearless, his sound is vast, and his writing is revelatory.

More than a tribute, my goal was to create a definitive Cee-Lo mix, drawing from the catalogs of Goodie MOb, OutKast, Gnarls Barkley, his solo albums, his collaborative work, and of course rare remixes, b-sides, soundtrack joints, 12"s and more. Aside from the entire Organized Noize/Dungeon Family there are records with Pharrell, Common, Estelle, Kelis, Jack Splash, Da Ranjahs, Eightball & MJG as well as productions from Kanye West, Timbaland, Menahan Street Band, DJ Premier and more.

I again enlisted Oakland artist Jidan Koon to create the visuals, and again she came through extra large, painting a vibrant, psychedelic watercolor worthy of the music.

80mins/44 tracks of Green magic, enjoy..

1 Blackberry Molasses
2 Gettin' Grown
3 In Due Time
4 Thought Process
5 Reset
6 Insp Her Ation
7 Right Now
8 Soul Food (Live Remix)
9 Let's Stay Together
10 All Day Love Affair
11 Blood
12 Die Trying
13 G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition)
14 Backyard Mississippi
15 Whoa Now
16 Free
17 Git Up, Git Out
18 Beautiful Skin/The Experience
19 Crooked Therapy/Cell Therapy
20 Liberation
21 Slum Beautiful
22 Fly Away
23 Soul Machine
24 Who Cares?
25 Watch for the Hook
26 Southern Man by Merry Clayton
27 Rebuilding
28 I'll Be Around
29 The One
30 Get Rich to This
31 Trans DF Express
32 Black Ice (Goodie Version)
33 Dirty South Remix
34 I Want You
35 Follow the Light
36 Crazy (D's Blend)
37 Living Again
38 Pretty Please (Love Me)
39 Lil Star
40 You Don't Shock Me Anymore
41 Closet Freak
42 Ophidiophobia
43 Bass Head Jazz
44 Georgia

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