Steve1der Interview and Mix (Reggae Chops & Apple Sauce)

DJ Steve1der part 2 from The Cut on Vimeo.

For those of you who enjoyed Steve1der's video mix from last week, you will really enjoy the above interview and below mix. In the above video, Revolution asks many of the same questions I had last week in regards to the prep work involved in Steve1der's video mixing. I've got to say, Revolution seems pretty damn comfortable in that interview chair. I know many of you get disappointed if I go a couple of days without posting a new mix. So in exchange for all of your willingness to share and post my Mercury Kush mix all over the web, I've included the below Steve1der mix for your listening pleasure.

Reggae Chops & Apple Sauce (Dj Danny Diggz, Dj Riz, Steve1der) by DJ STEVE1DER

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