1991 Mixtape (2010) - Mixed by DJ Chief-One

No download option on this bad boy (yet), but this is clearly the best 4 hour mix I've heard. If you are feeling salty about not being able to download this badboy, feel free to blowup Chief-One's soundcloud comment section and see if you can't get him to unlock the download tab. Hell, he wouldn't be the first deejay this month that this blog forced to ante-up some $ to soundcloud to appease the pipomixes masses. Have a great week.

Update: Download link available HERE


HecticEclectic said...

Download here..


DJ CHIEF-ONE said...

Peace! You can find a full download link (mediafire) on all my Soundcloud mix pages. The mixes are separated by tracks with artwork and ready for iTunes.

If you liked "1991 Mixtape", check out "1992 Mixtape" as well.. More to come!!

Thanks for the support,