Motown Tribute - Mixed by DJ Expo

I guess I was sleepin' hard on this mix.  This mix is Highly Recommended.  In a related but unrelated note: Apparently when I save a mix to my favorites in soundcloud it automatically sends out a tweet stating that I "Highly Recommend" this mix.  Until I figure out how to change this setting, I want to announce that the coveted "Highly Recommended" acclaim is only official if it is stated here on the blog.  One can only imagine the horror of waking up on a Sunday morning to discover my "Highly Recommended" tag to be the victim of an internet conspiracy to water-down the integrity of

Motown Tribute by DJ Expo (download)


Anonymous said...

Looks like another gem - cheers Pipo!

Eric Nord said...

I wondered why you highly recommended all those crappy mixes! ;-)