Soundbytes Volume 4 - Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic

Man, I'm on mixtape overload.  There are so many quality mixes that are currently circulating the web that I could post ten a day at this rate.  Now, before you get all excited, I'm going to have to post them one at a time, one day at time.  Otherwise, I won't have anything to post during the dry spells.  Rhett's explanation of the mix and download link after the jump.

First of all, thank you to everyone who's been checking out the mixes i've been posting up; i appreciate the love & feedback.
I've noticed that alot of people on the Mixcrate site took a liking to my KDAY 90's R&B set.....i'm pretty surprised about that, being that I figured cats would want to hear some Hip Hop, Breaks, & some "cutting it up" steeze from any of the Junkies....just because of that, i'm posting this particular mix that I made 5 years ago that never officially came out. It is part of my "Soundbytes" series that put out here and there a few years back; just on some "whatever I was feeling" vibe. (There's officially 3 volumes on CD....consider yourself lucky if you got it.....most likely i'll post them up here.)
When it comes to my personal life, I like to keep it private, but I'm bout to put myself on blast with this particular mix.....This one is a very special & personal one to me. You know how people make personal mixtapes for that special someone to convey their feelings? Well, this mix is THAT one was for me. Believe it or not, I never really did anything like this before. Sure, I've made mixes in the past for females with whom I might had a crush before, but never something so personal & i only made two; this is one of them.....
Not to bore you with all the sappy details, but I made this mix particularly for this special woman that was once in my life. We were together for 3 years; unfortunately, people grow apart & we had to go our seperate ways. I made this mix for her a year after we broke up just to convey my feelings to her. In many ways, it was hella therapeautic for me. I haven't talked or seen her in a few years, but where ever she is & whatever she's doing in life, I hope she's really happy.
Anyways, I've always comptemplated of actually releasing this mix because it was so personal to me. But since everybody really enjoyed the KDAY 90's R&B mix, i said "why not", being it's the new year, I might as well "clean out the closet" per se' & start fresh. Here's something for your personal listening pleasure at my expense.....Hope you like it....enjoy.

Beat Junkies
Crown Royale
Cypress Junkies

Soundbytes Vol. 4 - Tracklisting:
1. Butterflies - Michael Jackson
2. Without You - Lucy Pearl (J Dilla Rmx)
3. Love Without A Limit - Mary J Blige
4. Keep Risin To The Top - Kenny Burke
5. Love & Happiness - Al Green
6. All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls
7. Tell Me - Groove Theory
8. Lay Me Down - Will.I.Am
9. Round & Round - Dj Hi-Tek feat Jonell
10. Find A Way - A Tribe Called Quest
11. Open Your Eyes - Bobby Caldwell
12. The Light - Common
13. Doo Wop - Lauryn Hill
14. Dance Tonight - Lucy Pearl
15. I Wanna Thank You - Alicia Myers
16. Give Me The Night - George Benson
17. And The Beat Goes On - The Whispers
18. Send Me Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
19. Love Bizarre - Sheila E feat Prince
20. Candy Man - Mary Jane Girls
21. September - Earth Wind & Fire
22. I Do Love You - GQ

SOUNDBYTES VOL. 4 (Unreleased) by Dj Rhettmatic 

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