Bleep Competition - Mixed by 7G

For those of you who are into the genre of beatmakers that includes cats like Flying Lotus, Low End Theory crew etc... (which I know many of you are), you will really enjoy this mix. Below is a description of the mix.

In 2010 a lot of the music that really impressed me contained very interesting use of vocals or vocal samples (and you'll find this reflected in my mix). There is a lot of beat music (downtempo, wonky, glich, and future) as well as some dubstep, glitch hop, idm, skweee, and a taste of footwork. Kutmah, Gaslamp Killer, D-styles (really the whole Low End Theory crew), and Danny Drive Thru are some of the cats that inspire me to mix and select that way I do. I really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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