DJ Revolution Interviews B-Boy Lil Rock

B BOY LIL ROCK from The Cut on Vimeo.

At first, I thought this interview was going to be a little on the boring side. But, I've got to say that I was inspired by listening to the passion of a starving artist/athlete. Being the son of two immigrant parents, I personally found the whole "citizenship" thing to be a little over stated. Before you all accuse me of being cold hearted, believe me when I tell you all that I am intimately familiar with the struggles that all of our "undocumented" young people face. That being said, the guy seems to be talented enough where you'd think he'd be able to find someone who could help him become a citizen and get legitimately paid from his craft. Either way, his passion for being a b-boy is very admirable. I just wish he could channel some of that energy into getting himself "legit."

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Eric Nord said...

Like he said, he knows what he needs to do with regard to citizenship. He'll figure it out. He knows what he's doing. Ya, he should have joined the Army or talked to a lawyer a long time ago. But like he said, he's just sacrificing for the culture. One of the thing's I've always admired about b-boys is that they are out there promoting athleticism and clean living. I've always found that refreshing, compared to the recklessness of most emcees.