Most "Slept-On" Deejays (*Sticky*)

Over at Cratekings, there was a spirited conversation about the most "slept-on" producers.  The conversation got a little out of control because there were as many definitions of "slept-on" as there were opinions of who is actually "slept-on."  The post did get me thinking about "slept-on" deejays.  For argument's sake, "slept-on" will be defined as "deejays who do not receive proper recognition, given their deejay skills and contributions to deejay culture."

Also, the below deejays are excluded from the conversation because there is no way anybody could convince me that they are "slept-on."
- Jazzy Jeff              - Q-Bert                                           
         - Roc Raida            - DJ Revolution                      
     - Kid Capri             - DJ Premier              
     - J. Rocc                 - Pete Rock
               - Babu                     - Mix Master Mike

Debate in the comments section.


Eric Nord said...

Your mom is extremely slept-on.

pipomixes said...

couldn't help yourself, could you ej?

Novakane said...

Melo-D & D-Styles

ADA said...

DJ Apollo, DJ Flare, Soulman, DJ Three, Mista Sinista, Kutfather, Marcus B, Stephen Flex, Tenshun, Rip One, DJ ADA

ADA said...

also Dr Dre's old associate TONY A, as witnessed here on this classic and rare Rodium Super Mix (don't sleep on it...)

and I realize I'm not the standard definition of slept-on, but I had to throw myself in for everyone who ever fronted.

Anonymous said...

dj z-trip



Ya'll also left out DJ Scratch & Shortkut

Anonymous said...

dj krush

HecticEclectic said...

Qool DJ Marv

Anonymous said...

Dj Noize from Denmark!!!

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I would say Mane One. He's a veteran in San Diego but isn't really known outside of CA. Also DJ Bobcat, LL Cool J's former DJ/Producer.

Two other names would be Joe Quixx the first Wake Up Show deejay. He wasn't as smooth or fast on the cut as Revolution but he can hold his own against Rev in a battle. And lastly DV One from Seattle, similar to Mane One he's not really known as much as he should.

Bowls said...

DJ ROCKIN' ROB. No disrespect to the 45 King, who's obviously a beast on 45"s....but Rockin' Rob is the best DJ on the planet when it comes to cutting up 7" records. A sight to behold for anyone who's tried to get busy with 45"s.

Pipo said...

Jah Wise,

I left both Scratch and Shortkut off the list because I actually think they ar both criminally slept-on. Maybe Scratch a little less now because of the whole Masters of the Mix show. But who really watched that train wreck anyway

DJ Bozo said...

DJ Spinbad
DJ Melo-D

RLFM said...

dj four,one,one
lynkle (mixtapewise)
dj abilities
plain ole bill

Anonymous said...

dj muro
dj js-1

Chicagorado said...

John Doe
Skratch Bastid
Mista Sinista

Eric Nord said...

I agree with ALL of the ones mentioned.

Some not mentioned yet...

Ken Sport
L Dula
DJ Day
Phill Most Chill
Morse Code

I'm sorry... ALL DJs ARE SLEPT ON !!!!

Eric Nord said...

DJ Unexpected
Marc Moke
Soulman (peace to Phill!)
Paul Camo?
DJ Wicked (PDX)
Evil One
House Shoes


ADA said...

Mr. Thing is slept-on, Shortkut too

Eric Nord said...

DJ Nuts
Danny Holloway

...and JR MUTHAFUKIN EWING !!! ...c'mon people!!

Anonymous said...

Skeme Richards


What about Jam Master Jay, Grand Wizard Theador, Cutmaster DC & Mixmaster Ice of UTFO

Memo said...

I know DJ Craze isn't slept on, but he should have been on the excluded list too.

I know he veers off a bit with his Drum n Bass, but when he dedicates himself to Hip Hop, nobody can deny his skills.

Anonymous said...

"Deejays who do not receive proper recognition, given their deejay skills and contributions to deejay culture":(No doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


RLFM said...

skratch bastid was a good addition to the list, i love his "get up" mixtape