Soundbytes Volume 2 - Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic

God damn, all the Valentine's Day mixes are simply overwhelming.  Is there some sort of hip hop-Valentine's Day connection that I am not aware of?  Rhettmatic's description of the mix below.

Peace Everyone,
Not a big Valentine's Day fan but in honor to all the lovers in the world, this one's for you.
I made this mix in 2003 originally for my girlfriend at that time.....her friends heard the mix and wanted to a copy for themselves. Next thing you know i've been getting request for the mix. I decided to redo the mix and give it out for free at our NIGHTLIFE event that the Beat Junkies would throw in Hollywood (that particular theme for the night was ironically called "Ladies' Night). I gave it mostly to all the ladies.....anyways, if you have the actual mix cd, you're pretty lucky. I don't even have the original artwork for it.
Though personally I like to kick Cupid's ass & choke him out, this is dedicated to the all the people that's in love.....enjoy.


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