DJ Revolution Interviews Q-Bert Part II

Part 2 of a very thoughtful conversation/interview between Revolution and Q-Bert. Q-Bert discusses how he makes money, stays healthy, and how DJ Shortkut was his best customer back in day when Q-Bert was pushing battle tapes on VHS. On a side note, I have to do whatever Q-Bert is doing to stay looking so young. Dude is like the Dick Clark of deejaying, but on steroids. He's pushing 44 and looks 18.

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ADA said...

Thanks for posting this... Qbert's been my hero since I was a young young lad. To be a part of the QSU fam since day 1 ( is something truly amazing. To have skratched with him at the Octagon and conversed with him on the human level is beyond a dream come true. Everything aside, he is the real deal.