Fat Beats is Back, kind of...

Fat Beats founder Joe Abajian explains how Fat Beats will live on in the aftermath of it’s retail stores closing. The new venture will exist as a “pop-up shop”, a monthly event which will section off a piece of their Brooklyn warehouse for customers to come in and purchase product. “FB BK will be reminiscent of the atmosphere and energy that the NY and LA stores once exuded. We have DJs of note spinning throughout the day, such as DJ Evil Dee, DJ Spinna, and Rich Medina,” Joe told The Village Voice. The first event takes place March 5th from noon to 8pm. Via HipHopSite

Personally, I applaud FatBeats for attempting to find new ways to reinvent itself.  I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that these "pop-up shop" dates become events and hip hop pilgrimages that true heads flock to from around the country.  That of course, is assuming it's done correctly. 

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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

This was exactly what I was saying when Fat Beats closed Here:

The Dynamic Hamza 21 , September 23, 2010 12:54 PM

No doubt Fat Beats will be missed. with the success of the Beat Swamp Meet I think FB should return to LA/NY every summer during the weekends. Or at least one weekend during the summer with live performances like the Beat Swamp Meet. That would be ill.


I'm sure I wasn't only person saying that and I'm glad FB will back in some form. Now they need to come to So Cal. Maybe a joint venture with Beat Swamp Meet. it would be cool if they could set up a block party like they do for cinco De Mayo in LA. Beat Swamp Meet,FB & the Do Over in one area during the summer for day or weekend....that would the illest. Something like what Christie Z & Fabel do with Crotona Park Jams in NYC. Though the chances of that happening are nearly impossible. We need a Hip Hop block party out here in the West!!!!