The Kingston-Brooklyn Bridge - Mixed by DJ Kikkoman

This mix is no f*cking joke!  I probably should have waited to post this mix on a Friday, but I got so excited after hearing it on Tuesday night that I had to share it right away.  The mix covers many of the dance hall/reggae/hip hop influenced cuts from the 90's.  Straight butta for your Wednesday morning toast.  If you feel like calling-in sick, enjoying some libations, and listening to this mix, Pipo says "the hell with your rent!"  Enjoy life and get evicted later.  Description of the mix below.

 Not everyone's cup of tea, but when I try to make a mix, I try real hard to stay with the theme I'm goin with......Back in the early 90's, I used to record Jason D's "Wise Up" show 88.1 KZSC and started to notice he put these occasional dancehall-hip hop version songs here and there on his 3 hour show......Back then, an artist named *Supercat* (90's version of Sean Paul) was f*ckin kill-ing IT!!!!! he couldn't be touched, his flow was incredible, and this mix is essentially a tribute to his influence on hip-hop culture.....Sean Paul did the same thing at the beginning of this century, but I haven't kept up with him for a bit, what's he up to??
1. Smif-N-Wessun – Sound Boy Burreil 2. KRS One – Black Cop (Instrumental) 3. King of Dub – Stalac 80 Dub 4. Main Source – Just Hangin Out 5. Sister Nancy – Bam Bam 6. Poor Righteous Teachers – Easy Star 7. Super Cat – Don Dada (Hip Hop Mix) 8. Off The Hook – Hip Hop Mix 9. Shabba Ranks feat. KRS One – The Jam (Back to the Bridge Mix) 10. Nubian Crackers – Do you Wanna Hear It? (Six Million Ways to Mix) 11. Nubian Crackers feat. Fragga Ranks – Do you Wanna Hear It? (Minute to Mix…) 12. Funkmaster Flex – 6 million ways to die 13. Nubian Crackers – Do you wanna hear it? (Jazzy Old School Dub) 14. Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot (original and Hip Hop mix) 15. Off the Hook – Hip Hop Mix 16. Nubian Crackers feat. Don-T – As Them Talk (Nubian Radio / Crackamuffin Mix) 17. On The Down Low – Booma Dem 18. Nubian Crackers – Two For the Time 19. Super Cat – Cabin Stabbin (Hip Hop mix) 20. Special Ed – Everyday Iza Gunshot 21. Super Cat – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, & The Crazy (Hip Unsteady Mix) 22. KRS One feat. Mad Lion – Return of the Boom Bap (Iron Lion remix) 23. Jamalski – Jump, Spread Out (remix) 24. Super Cat – Dem No Worry We (Hip Hop mix) 25. Jamalski – African Border (remix) 26. ________ – Jah Rastafari 27. Lion of Judah feat. Bounty Hunter – Emperor Selassie I (Lion of Judah remix) 28. Tino’s Breaks Five – Toasted Dub 29. The Angel feat. Navigator – Dark Days (Inner Power) 30. 60 Channels – Ride with the Flow (Supa Crucial Version)




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