Space is the Place (Side A) - Mixed by The Gaff

A top-notch jazz fusion mix to start the week. Highly Recommended.

this is a Rare Jazz Fusion Mix that I made back in 2004/2005-----sunday morning music, or anytime you need to reflect or chill, your own space is the place! enjoy
72 minutes of obscure music, (35 minutes per side) all songs used from records from original pressings: All Original compositions, No cover versions.
Tracklisting Side 1:
1.) The Millenium "begin"---doubles, back to back
2.)Dave Kamien Division ---"dead ringer"
3.)Marcus Belgrave ---"space odyssey"
4.)Franck Dervieux --- "dimension M"
5.)Wojciech Karolak --- "instant groove"
6.)Cargo ---"pachyderm"
7.)Galt Macdermott--- "ripped open by metal explosions" doubles, back to back
8.)Andy Bey--- "celestial blues"
9.)Jonathon--- "stormy days"
10.) Ian Carr’s Nucleus ---"capricorn"
11.)Placebo--- "balek"
12.) Doug Lucas---"Niara"
13.)Smoke---"curtis" (from the ’Everything’ Lp

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