Message from Rob Swift: Trust Your Ear

Here's a very thoughtful essay written to upcoming deejays by Rob Swift.

Remember asking me about Traktor? - In layman's terms, Traktor is a software that bypasses vinyl and allows one to DJ straight off a laptop. It's similar to Rane's Serato Scratch Live. - As I proceeded to crush the dance floor with the help of my Serato Scratch Live, my weapon of choice, YOU made it a point to visit me in the DJ booth and proceeded to ask "Hey, ever used Traktor?" I said "no". YOU then encouraged me to try it out. I asked "why?" Your response was (and I'm paraphrasing) "because Traktor is so ill. It lets you mix by seeing wave forms. So you can basically line everything up perfectly with no fuck ups. It's amazing." Perplexed by your reasoning as to what makes Traktor so ill I asked "YOU don't mix by ear?" and your response was "With Traktor you don't need to. It's just much easier." 
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Anonymous said...

i wonder if he googled the definition of easy ^^