Reconstruction 3 - Mixed by Vinroc

Reconstruction 3 was a Japan only release I had put out quietly in the early 2000's and part of my Reconstruction Golden age of Hip Hop series. I recently found a cassette copy in the garage archives and finally found a way to transfer it digitally. A challenging feat when you don't own a tape deck anymore. I never did duplicate the Turntable gymnastics of the first volume but there are some choice Dj cuts from the triple threat album and a more tame version of turntablism which actually reflected a lot of my attitudes about putting records together at the time...Enough of the analysis, Download a free copy of SIDE A and Support Side B if ya feelin it. Enjoy! 

Download Side A

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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

This mix was uploaded by Anydyman187 last year it's called Reconstruction 3: Back in the Dayz. I posted on my blog awhile back as well.