Something - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

Your favorite blogger's favorite blogger. This month Ian Head brings you a smooth mix of all Beatles covers. Description of the mix below.

The Beatles are funny - I play some of these covers and the lyrics and melodies come to me instantly, like they were ingrained in my being, even though I may not have listened to the original in 10 or 20 years. But I was never really a Beatles-lover growing up. As a kid, my parents owned and sometimes played Sgt. Pepper's, and my friend Dan Morris was a Beatle-head at a young age - he had one of those cassette-organizers with the three drawers, and I remember opening up one of the drawers and it being filled with all Beatles tapes. This is actually one image I associate most with the Beatles to this day - I think I was more amazed by his collection than the music.(I also remember those cassette-drawers things being really crappy plastic pieces of $%#^).
So I don't have a full understanding how all these songs have permeated my brain. My only guess is that growing up in this country, at least during a certain period of time, the Beatles were such a cultural force that they were inescapable - even years after they had gone their separate ways. This isn't really a complaint, it's just something that's intense to think about.


Courtesy Everyday Beats

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