Wonderlove - Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic

Damn, I wish Rhettmatic would celebrate his birthday every week.  Thank you Rhettmatic.

Peace Everyone,
May is the month of the Taurus and alot of my favorite musical legends & artists happened to be Tauruses; like James Brown, Stevie Wonder, & Ghostface Killah...and ironically, I'm a Taurus as well. My birthday falls on May 10th...and to celebrate my birthday, I wanted to do something a little special & share it with everyone.
I was thinking of doing a mix on James Brown, but I realized that no one can do a James Brown mix better than my brother & fellow Beat Junkie, J.Rocc, so scratch that. I thought of doing one on Ghostface Killah, but I already did one a few years ago for the Ghostface Killah doll. Strike number 2! Last but not least, there's the legendary Stevie Wonder. I know that Dj Spinna & Bobbitto Garcia aka Cucumber Slice are the masters when it comes to Stevie's catalogue, but I actually made a mix that was a birthday gift for a good friend and was a big Stevie Wonder fan. I listened to the mix again a few weeks ago and I actually like how the mix came out. So I thought to myself, why not share it with people and also celebrate Stevie's birthday....I just added an intro to the mix, and what you have now, is "Wonderlove".
Here's the mix...hope you enjoy it, if you do, share it with your loved ones & other musical aficionados. Big shoutout & thank you to Randall at Mixcrate.com. Shoutout to Asad of Footlong Development.


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