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Many of you did not like the fact that I did a 2pac mix (originally posted a year ago today). That being said, me denying the influence of 2pac on my early musical aesthetic is like Kobe Bryant denying the fact that he's spent the first 33 years of his life biting every move that Michael Jordan ever made. Original description of the mix below.

June 16th, 1971... Somewhere along the way it became "uncool" to listen to 2pac among hip hop elites. I'm not sure why, but the vanguards of rap music have never given 2pac the same critical love as other deceased rappers such as Biggie, Big L, or even Big Pun. Not that he doesn't get love (I believe he is the highest selling rap artist of all time), it just seems that the same heads who worship Biggie, Tribe, De la, and Rakim, don't have an appreciation for the musical contribution of 2pac. With that in mind, I designed this mix to make believers out of all those who are lukewarm toward 2pac. This is a 2pac mix for the snobbiest of hip hop elites. This is not a mix that will feature songs like California Love or All About U. Rather, this mix primarily consists of selections that showcase the section of 2pac's catalogue that should satisfy the finickiest of music critics. He may not have been the greatest lyricist of all time, but you can't deny that dude had a lot to say. As with all of my mixes, a lot of time and effort was put into crafting this mix. I hope you all enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

The passion and cadence in Pacs voice is what makes him so great in my book. Nice remix brother.