Uncooked Raw Part 2 - Mixed by Fidel Cutstro

Well mixed assortment of random, raw hip hop.  Don't sleep.

Uncooked Raw Part 2 2 by Fidel Cutstro

The Legion - Freestyle demolotion
Peanut Butter Wolf - Wake up
Just ice- Lyric licking
Dj Romes - Rhythm trax
Biz Markie -A Thing Named Kim
Kool G Rap/P Brothers - It's a shame
Third Sight - Smegma in D minor
Scratch Interlude
M.O.P/Illl Bill - Stick to your guns
Moist Crackers /Beatnuts - Props over here
Charisma - World premier
2 Deep 2 Sleep - G Thang
Freestyle Professors - Take it back
Antoinette- Hit em with this/Unfinished Business
LL - Eat em up L chill
Greg Nice - Set it off
Da King & I - Flip the script
Prince ad - Lyrical Flavor
Extra Proflic ft. Casual - Cash Money
Lil Fame - Neighbourhood hood
Gunshot - Nobody Move
Demon Boyz - Northside
Mc Mello -Subtraction
Caveman - The dope department
Casonava Rud and Superlover Cee - Do the James Dub mix
Stetsasonic - No BS allowed
Positive K - Step up front
X clan- Heed the word of a brother
Def Jef -On the real tip
Stetsasonic - Music for the stetfully insane


MR KRUM said...

Dope mix!

Daps said...

Keeep killin 'em Cutstro.

Fidel Cutstro said...

This has now reached its soundcloud download limit. To download go to..



Anonymous said...

Nice one fidel. Liking the track selection with the bass heavy beats. Viva la hiphop revolucion