Jazzy Jeff Live at Do-Over (6/12/11)

Here is some video from Jazzy Jeff's Do-Over mix from last month. A few observations: 1. You gotta love those shorties in the front who have no clue what Jeff is playing, but nod their heads with such ferocity that you'd swear they were there in the Bronx when Kool Herc was playing records out his apartment window.   2. It appears that the Do-Over crowd got a little bit of a makeover from past years. The crowd use to look like your typical trendy Hollywood crowd filled with a bunch of hipsters and wannabe actors/musicians. Now, the crowd looks like casting central for The Hills. 3. I wonder what the split is between Skillz and Jazzy Jeff?  80-20?  If Skillz is getting a dime more than 20% he needs to be locked up.  4. Going along with #3, I wonder if Jeff can deduct the portion of his earnings that he splits with Skillz as a charitable donation?  Part II after the jump.


Jason @ PSB said...

We're gettin' old. LOL

Anonymous said...

do over got jiggy; that's what happened. the crowd used to be dope (not hipster at all) and all true heads and flavorful people, alike. now it's just a scene. promoters got greedy and shot themselves in the foot.

moved the place to jane's house -- in the middle of lame ass hollywood. got big, lost core audience, $28 "carafes" of sangria served in big styrofoam cups, lost its intimacy forever.

that marked the end of the do over. bodega took over (cee brown) as the place to be for true heads and music lovers. that's gospel.

Movado Jenkins said...

That transition from Shook Ones to BIG is so effin obscene.