One Summer Day - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

I ate an incredible nectarine today while walking back home in the sun, after spending a couple hours catching up with a good friend. It was one of those mid-summer mornings where it's important to get out of the house, but not to do it in a rush. I got an extra hour of sleep, and drank a cup of fresh coffee, reminisced with another friend from college, then laced up the sneakers and rolled out the house.

Maybe I should call this tape "one summer morning," except the afternoon of putting it together plays into it as well. Kind of a contemplative little piece, something I hadn't planned on doing - there was a stack of records mostly ready to go for a different tape completely, but when I tried to mix them this afternoon it didn't feel right.

So, I pulled a new stack and started from scratch.

It's just a few tunes, more selection than mixing, and hopefully the vibe comes through. I appreciate that I am able to take a moment and chill for a second, take in some sun, eat some good food, kick it with some good people. And bump a few records.


Courtesy Everyday Beats

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