DJ Spinna Speaks with Flud Watches

FLuD Presents: Beats Per Minute with DJ Spinna from FLuD Watches on Vimeo.

 Flud Watches presents the fifth “Beats Per Minute” Video featuring legendary Producer/DJ, DJ Spinna, in celebration of their “BPM” Watch as part of their new Summer collection. The “Beats Per Minute” Video Series showcases some of hip hop’s most influential producers highlighting their craft, while discussing changes in the game, crate diggin’, equipment and their advise to the new generation.

In this episode, we follow DJ Spinna from his 8-Track recording days in the 80′s to his cassette tape winding days in the 90′s to what the internet has given (and taken) in the present. The man practically gives us a history lesson on all of the equipment that he’s used over the years, while talking about his his DJ roots and his work with the group, the Jigmastas.

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