Live at the Do-Over - Mixed by DJ Jedi (7/19/09)

Since the Do-Over doesn't post their mixes anymore, here is a high quality Do-Over mix from 2009.  Jedi's description of the mix below.

The Do-Over was established in the summer of 2005 as a free weekly outdoor Sunday jammy jam complete with booze & barbecue that went down all day long in the heart of Hollywood, California. Hosted by Jamie Strong, Chris Haycock, & Aloe Blacc, each installment featured a laundry list of superstar mystery guest DJs rockin' the sunny jams & classic tunes you grew up with, plus whatever other insanity that might come out of the speakers.
The Do-Over has since grown into an international phenomenon, with satellite installments popping up everywhere from New York to London to Oslo, and everywhere in between. The party is now world-renown for showcasing everyone's favorite DJs and their favorite DJs.
On this particular Sunday in July of 2009, I was part of a jam-packed line-up that included fellow Rootdown family Wyatt Case, Inka One of Boombox fame, and Spinderella. Yeah THAT Spinderella...
You'll find everything and the kitchen sink in this set. Over the course of an hour, you'll hear me rockin' everything from Dilla to Ice Cube to classic boogie funk. I also somehow managed to cram some New Jack Swing and Brazilian treats in there too. Somehow it all works out.
Regular master of ceremonies Aloe Blacc was out of town that day. But big shout to LA legend Medusa and the multi-talented Jneiro Jarel, who more than capably held down the crowd motivation duties in Aloe's absence.


Anonymous said...

sound is on left ! anyway thanks

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

Not exactly Stereo but Double Mono is good enough for most people.

Eric Nord said...

Double mono is good enough for me! :-)

Thanks again Hamza!

DJJedi said...

Thanks for posting this, guys. I just noticed a few days ago on my podomatic page that the file was either recorded, mastered, or compressed wrong.

I was about to copy and paste the file into Ableton and give it the "double mono" treatment, but I see Hanza beat me to it and saved me the trouble. The remastered version is now on my podomatic page.

Thanks again for listening and downloading.



Anonymous said...

I can't STAND the hype man on the mic. I tried to suffer through it, but he forced me to turn this great mix off at the 12 minute mark.