Portland Eclectic - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

Ian Head returns with his September mixtapes filled with all sorts of dusty, crunchy finds.  Description of the mix below.

This month's mix is basically a crate digging, dusty knuckles session. Spent some time in August back in my hometown of Portland, OR, aka City of Thorns aka Rip City, eating maple bars and checking my favorite record spots (plus a couple new ones). As usual, dug up a bunch of assorted flavors - rock, jazz, blues, etc. - mostly on the cheap. Breaks and samples but mostly just interesting, good music on crunchy wax. (but if you wait until the end there may be a little treat...)
And the cover art of this tape is taken from the Love album, which I dug up in PDX as well. So ill - check for it.


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dahlzel said...

Great mix, great finds.