Used Volume 4 - Mixed by Fake Blood

Forgive me Lord of Mixtapes for I have sinned. I confess that until a few hours ago I had no idea who Fake Blood was. I'm just going chalk this up as another example of my American-centric bias blinding me from the more beautiful things in life. Long story short, this mix of dusty breaks is Highly Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Pipo
I Have been on these mixes for 2 months now. All Original Vinyl, No Comps, Just the Original Lp's. Fake Blood was Touche' From The Wiseguys. He Also has Used 1-3 Which are Also A Wonderful Flex of His Djing Muscle. He also tweeted that he has enough material for 3 or 4 more volumes. All 4 Volumes So Far Are Great