The Roots Part II - Mixed by Hamza 21

With The Roots all up in the news for their musical intro of Michelle Bachman on the Jimmy Fallon show, I figured posting this mix would be very timely.  This is the first mix I've ever posted that was inspired by yours truly.  Hamza picks-up on this mix where my Roots mix left off.  You can read Hamza describe the mix himself below.

The Roots is my favorite Hip Hop group of all time. It was the crew from Philly that revived my love for Hip Hop with their album "Do U Want More".

At the time in 1994 Hip Hop as culture changed greatly from the early days in the 80's. All the aspects of culture starting to go underground and separate. What was once an unified culture of the few became a separated culture of the many. Within that backdrop my attachment to the culture and music was waning but then a good friend of mine Bee255 gave me his cassette copy of DUWM by The Roots. The fusion of tight rhymes over live instrumentals struck me exactly like the first time when I heard Run DMC in early 80's. It reminded all the things I loved about the culture and the music.

Fast forward to the present I always had a idea to make a mix dedicated to The Roots and when I heard fellow DJ/blogger Pipomixes The Roots mix (link at the bottom) I knew it was the right time to finally produce a mix of my own. Instead of making a Best of mix with tunes from the group's numerous albums I decided to follow Pipo's lead and start where he left off. The mix by Pipomixes featured tunes from Do U Want More to Game Theory. This Part II features songs from Game Theory to How I Got Over.

Well there it is, my long explanation of this "The Roots Part II" until my next mix coming in December enjoy the tunes.

Peace & Blessings



Memo said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Pipo!

I'm thankful yet again for another year of relentless dope-ass mixes. Keep 'em coming!

On a side note, did you end up coming up with other colors for your t-shirt? I'm interested in nabbing one. It would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Thanks for posting Pipo. I hope all The Roots fans out there enjoy it. 11 more days to the new Roots album..I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Liking the mix a lot, nice one Hamza