Touchdown Soul #1 - Mixed by Fredfades

Fredfades is easily one of the more consistent and active break mix deejays out there. In the vein of Phil the Most Chill, Kon & Amir, and others known for their diggin' exploits, here's Fredfades with a soul-centric mix.

The long awaited soul mix. I've been waiting so long with this mix that records have been stacking up way too heavy, so I have decided to split it into two (maybe even three pieces/mixes).. Instead of throwing together all sorts of soul music, I've been trying to be a little consistent soundwise when putting together this mix. Most of the tape his headnod tempo soul killers. Mostly 45's, but a couple of LP tracks in there aswell. A couple of "dancers" aswell, but nothing heavy enough to be a part of the next soul tape I am doing (100% dancers). The next tape will also include a lot more newer soul music. Mostly modern stuff.

Not 100% satisfied with the sound on this one, due to some digital compressing I did now that my analog compressor is fucked up. Anyhew. It's a mix. You'll enjoy it..!!!

BIG UP to my favourite soul DJ's: Phill Most Chill The Soulman, Oslo Soul Experience, Bjørn Kowalski Hansen, Tim Robinson, Rev. Shines, Red Greg, A Downtown Affair NYC & Jared from Big City Records NYC.

Next Touchdown night will be friday the 9th of December at Turkish Delight in Oslo.
More info comin here soon:

No tracklist for this mix. You wonderin' about some tracks? Then ask me.

100% Original pressings. No bootlegs, no MP3's, no bullshit.

Merry Xmas y'all !!!



Eric Nord said...

What a relief it is to have someone like Fredfades carry on the tradition.

Kenneth A. Carson said...

Good god, this has to be one of the sickest mixes I've ever heard.