The Soft Centre of Wu Tang - Mixed by DJ Patience

A superb mix of Wu breaks. Top notch selection and top notch mixing. Highly Recommended.

This is a DJ mix of 47 original funk, soul and blues vinyl tracks that have been sampled by the hip hop collective the Wu-Tang Clan.


1. Beethoven: Piano Sonata #8
2. Peter Nero: A Time For Us
3. Gladys Knight & The Pips: Giving Up
4. Ben E. King: I Who Have Nothing
5. The Dramatics: In The Rain
6. Al Green: Simply Beautiful
7. Sly Johnston: I Hate I Walked Away
8. Gladys Kinght & The Pips: And This is Love
9. Ann Peebles: Trouble, Heartache and Sadness
10: OV Wright: Let's Straighten it Out
11: Al Green: Something
12: Johnnie Taylor: Steal Away
13: Willie Mitchell: Groovin
14: Labi Siffre: I Got The (Blues)
15: Southside Movement: I've Been Watching You
16: B.B. King: The Thrill is Gone
17: Gap Mangione: Free Again
18: Nicholas Flagello: Wailing Wail
19: Eddie Floyd: Don't Leave Me Lonely
20: The New Birth: Honey Bee
21: Wendy Rene: After Laughter (Comes Tears)
22: The Detroit Emeralds: You're Getting a Little Too Smart
23: Sly Johnson: Don't Do It
24: Baby Huey: Hard Times
25: Melvin Bliss: Synthetic Substitution
26: Tommy Youngblood: Tobbacco Road
27: Love Unlimited: Midnight Groove
28: Sly Johnson: I Hear The Love Chimes
29: Curtis Mayfield: Underground
30: Betty Lavette: Let Me Down Easy
31: Albert King: Oh Pretty Woman
32: Hot Chocolate: Brother Louie
33: The Soul Children: Don't You Take My Kindness For Weakness
34: The Marvelettes: Why Marry
35: Al Green: You Ought To Be With Me
36: Sly Johnson: Different Strokes
37: Bobby Womack: Across 110th St
38: Sly Johnson: Is it Because I'm Black
39: Lynn Collins: Ain't No Sunshine
40: The Brighter Side of Darkness: Love Jones
41: Barry White: Mellow Mood
42: Isaac Hayes: Walk on By
43: Bob James: Nautilus
44: The Emotions: I Like It
45: Gaz: Sing Sing
46: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell: You're All I Need To Get By
47: The Doors: The End


Eric Nord said...

A 637.6MB wav file??? I can't figure out if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Good thing! Quality and Quantity!

Anonymous said...

Internet digging is weak.... if he had the "patience" to go digging for actual vinyl, he would know how to spell artists names correctly as well as know that some of the songs listed were not performed by the artists specified. Stop fakin the funk.

Eric Nord said...

I guarantee that 99% of people on 99% of sound systems, can't tell the difference between a wav/flac file and a 320kbps mp3. But the difference in size is dramatic ( > x4 )

I would guess that less than 1% of the people who download this mix would need or be able to tell the difference. But lots of people run out of hard drive space on phones and laptops.

I can usually tell the difference between a 128kps mp3 and a 320kbps on a good system. But after about 320kpbs, I find the increases in sound quality become much smaller as the file size dramatically increases.

Eric Nord said...

@Anonymous #2:

Can you be more specific about which tracks are mislabeled or mis-credited?

I see "Sly Johnston" instead of "Syl Johnson". But how does that equate to "internet digging" and "faking the funk". I'm not saying this is the greatest mix ever (it's kinda lethargic). But I'm not hating. and I could care less how he found the music or how it's spelled.

Why the hate for misspelling and sourcing music on the web?

And if you, Anonymous, are such an authority on mixes, where are your mixes?

Anonymous said...

First, I did not criticize the mix per se. I am critical of posting a track listing. As an avid record collector, I do not agree with putting samples on display in this way, and I couldn't care less as to whether you agree with me. The issue is respect, in my opinion. If you spent time hunting for Syl Johnson records, believe me, you would spell the name correctly. This leads me to your question. The Marvellettes did not perform the version of "why marry" that was sampled by the Wu.... I will leave it at that. Finally, posting a mix of my own does not have anything to do with the validity of my statements. I am Sony a man who loves beats, vinyl, and hip hop and I am getting tired of this sort of thing. It tarnishes the music in the long run. My .02...

Eric Nord said...


That is a bit more clear. I think I understand your critique better now. You're saying that this is both "snitching" as well as not giving proper credit.

But I'm not sure which shows less "respect"...

a) a beatmaker samples obscure records, but often doesn't give credit, and only shares royalties when necessary.

b) a DJ makes a mediocre mix and gives 99% full credit to the original sampled artists, but misspells/mislabels a few.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of copyright law. But I also don't see how giving credit to people who made the original the music that was sampled is disrespectful. It is simply information about the origins of the music.

And I don't see how this presentation tarnishes the music. Most of these artists are fading away and this is bringing attention to them (however unprofessionally).

I also think that people who present themselves as "protectors" or "standard bearers" of the culture, and who wrap themselves in self-righteous authenticity are, ironically, very close in spirit to the artists who sue over being sampled. You seem more concerned about controlling the music than spreading the positivity of the music. And that's why I asked about your own contributions. I was mostly just curious to know what kind of person might make this argument.

pipomixes said...

Is it possible that dude just misspelled a few names? I agree with your critique about tracklists but wu tang samples have been known for years so I don't think any harm was done. I don't think u need to have mixes to critique, but I think criticizing under "annonymous" leaves something to be desired.

Rudy Martinez 33 year old on Callie ln in Sacramento said...

This is the nerdiest conversation iv'e ever read on Pipomixes, lol.. It's a bunch of songs that RZA stole to make dope shit, and some dude decided to be the 1000th guy to throw em together and call it a mix.. You guys are dissecting it like it's a religious text, lol..

Anonymous said...

Ok, where to begin...

I began my critique by stating that dude was "fakin the funk" and I stand by that. My man posted some heavyweight vinyl in the tracklisting and titled it as "a DJ mix of 47 original funk, soul and blues vinyl tracks." Had he not done that, I would not have criticized anything.

He did not simply misspell some, he was dead wrong on them. I couldn't help myself to comment, and I understand that others may find this trivial.

@Pipomixes... Yes, posting as "anonymous" does leave something to be desired... my name. Great site though.

@Rudy, yes this is nerdy. I am a record nerd and I make no apologies for it.

I took issue with the fact that dude tried to present himself like he went crate for crate with the RZA, and I called BS. I have no problem with people posting or mixing mp3s. Just don't front.

Eric Nord said...

Thank you, Rudy. My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

@Eric Nord - That was not really your sentiment at all. I was not necessarily attempting to be a "protector" but I do not understand your issue with my statements. You were yappin about sound systems and mp3 band width and everybody let you have your say, without issue. But because I was being critical, everybody gets bent out of shape.

From the remarks here I can tell that none of you guys are actually djs with the exception of Pipo.

Hip hop, specifically hip hop production, has always been a past time that heavily self-policed. This was done to ensure integrity and to maintain the quality of the practice. The same principles apply to the professionalization of any field, but this has occurred more informally in hip hop obviously.

The point is that there is value in the work of learning and chasing records, even if you do not value it personally.

Eric Nord said...

I was agreeing with Rudy that this whole thing is blown out of proportion. I appreciate that our community of mix collectors and aficionados stays positive and rarely flames or trolls.

Anonymous said...

I apologize if my comments appeared to be flaming or trolling. I did not intend them that way. I

pipomixes said...

Ok. I think everybody said what they had to say. We are all on the same team in that we appreciate music on a pretty deep/nerdy level and enjoy a good break mix or 5000. I think we just couldn't help ourselves to engage in a little spirited debate. At this point we are at risk of arguing for arguments sake.

In the words of Ringo Star, "Peace and love, peace and love"

You'd have to be a Howard Stern fan to get that reference. Any of you out there?



Eric Nord said...

word. sorry i fanned the flames. My main problem with this mix was actually the cover art (but i'll keep that to myself ;-)

Rudy Martinez 33 year old on Callie ln in Sacramento said...

I'll just end by letting anonymous know i've been dj'ing since 95.. Had to sell my Technics 2 months ago to keep a roof over my head though,, very sad day,, especially sad when your 5 year old son cries while they take the wheels out the door, lol... Yes anonymous, I consider myself "real", lol.. I'm just ranting cuz I quit cheeba last week, lol, goin' crazy over here.. ventin'

Anonymous said...

suomynona said...

wait,, so is he saying the RZA pissed on the originals?

suomynona said...

wait,, so is he saying the RZA pissed on the originals?

Anonymous said...

DJ Patience says:

Why Marry is the Sweet Impressions version. Sorry about the typos. Late at night. Get over the cover; listen to the music.

I don't front or fake the funk! I have 6000+ vinyl pieces and counting; the deepest crates between the wirral and wigan! Eric Nord (lethargic! honest to god its 70bpm soul what do you want jungle!?) and anonymous I will see you in any DJ battle at any place! Neither of you could scratch you're own back in the bath - stick to your sony cd's! Put your money where your mouth is and post your mixtape - you're all talk and no trousers!

Thanks for the support Pipo great site. New OG breaks mix coming soon...

Peace and love peace and love la...!


yup I love this blog, its gotta be my favorite Pipo the comments are like wow lol! & to DJ Patience great mix thanks for the track listing shout out to all the hip hop nerds that come to this blog and post comments not to mention the Vinyl collectors that just collect and shouts to the DJs that still collect vinyl and know how to master their instrument. Peace & love to all the students & teachers of this art .

Eric Nord said...


LOL. It's a decent mix, but there's some harsh transitions and even a bit of dead air at one point. I'd say about half of the transitions are good, and the other half are not so good. But I do recognize that these are challenging tunes to mix without echoes or drops, especially since you are letting them ride out.

I'm not gonna front and pretend like I'm scratch hamster king of the multiverse. Honestly, if I were to do this same mix, in the same order, I would probably have some harsh transitions too. But then again I wouldn't have chosen this particular tracklist. These tunes are all classics, but in this format, they just don't lend themselves to a good mix. A few juggles might have helped, but ultimately I think it's the choice of blends and transitions that makes a great mix.

When I used to mix, I simply wouldn't attempt to mix two songs if I didn't think the transition would be seamless and not sound forced or distracting. And that's really hard with old school soul joints.

I'm just offering constructive criticism. My cover comment was a joke, btw. Hey man... do your thing regardless. I'm not hating. Keep spreading great music. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

@DJ Patience... I want to believe you, but yet, you still can't seem to get it right... "Sweet Impressions"??? Wrong again... Nice try though. It really doesn't matter anyway.

I apologize for accusing you of ripping mp3s from the web if you have 6000 pieces of vinyl. Keep doing your thing, but if you are going to track listings get the names right. It gives the appearance that you really don't know what you are talking about.

The voice in anonymous' head said...

He had to get the last word, lol

Perfecta said...

hey, regardless of the comments above, nice work, anychance of a download link??