Cut Chemist - Sound of the Police (Live)

I have no idea how Cut Chemist does all this with one turntable and a pedal, but it is f*cking incredible. To me, seeing a deejay use the pedal to loop records (or whatever the hell he's doing) is far more organic than seeing someone do it with a computer.


Eric Nord said...

Very cool. While it's a bit unusual, the core technique he uses seems relatively straightforward...

1. He starts by playing a record on the turntable.

2. He catches a loop in the sampler using the pedals.

3. He crossfades to the sampler which is looping the sample.

4. He cues up another record in the headphones, matches the bpm and crossfades back to the turntable.

5. He repeats this process, going back and forth between the pedal-triggered sampler and the turntable.

Presumably he could store multiple loops using the pedals and quickly cycle back and forth between the turntable and several different loops.

Of course, HOW it works and actually being able to rock a set like this... probably harder than it sounds.

The downside of this technique he's using is that it really only works with loops. I'm not sure how it would work with vocals unless you are a ninja with catching the open beat.

NordTroll said...

Anybody else could've summed that up in a sentence

lightningclap said...

Wow, cool, one of my favorite mixes ever (some of my favorite selections, but In ever saw a video. Thanks.

Eric Nord said...

Whattup, NordTroll! Keep em coming! A troll fan club is better than no fan club, I guess.

Memo said...

Too funny.