Eazy-E Tribute Mix - Mixed by DJ Julian Ramirez

Can't believe I completely overlooked the anniversary of Eazy-E's death last week. Eazy-E's music is timeless because most of it consists of the best non-Chronic Dre production that exists. Dre's production for Eazy-E should be put into a time capsule to show future generations how dope hip hop production was before sampling laws ruined it all. For me, Eazy-E will always be my first favorite MC. I know, I know. Eazy-E wasn't even a "real" rapper. Yes, I'm also aware that he rapped on beat about as good as Kobe passes the ball. With all that said, Eazy-Duz-it was the first album I knew word for word from front to back. Before I even knew Krs-1 existed, I knew Eazy-E. That may be sacrilegious, but it's the truth.


Kobe Bryant said...

Who was I supposed to pass the ball to,, Kwame Brown and Luke Walton?

Memo said...

I 2nd that notion. I grew up on eazy and while I always recognized that his skills were limited, he was the face of NWA in my opinion. Ya, Dre made the beats so "fu-fu-funky" and ice cube wrote the rhymes that he said....but this guy had unbelievable presence. Some will say Wu-Tang or Tribe was the best group...but to me, NWA was the ultimate for what they produced and more importantly,for what they meant to hip-hop and what they DID to hip hop.

I knew you were heavily influenced by NWA with all of the songs you incorporate into your mixes, Pipo...so it surprises me that YOU never put together a tribute mix of sorts. If you ever do, I'm sure it'll be bangin'

On a side-note, I work a couple of jobs...one is at a restaurant in DTLA. I've been playing a few of your "least offensive" mixes and the hipsters seem to dig it - maybe hipsters aren't all that bad after all. Who knew!?