El-P's 10 Favorite Sample Flips

Since emerging in the mid-’90s with fun-crushing progressive heroes Company Flow, El-P has held a unique spot amongst hip-hop’s most revered sonic architects. In his classic beat building for Co Flow, Cannibal Ox, or his own acclaimed solo projects, he’s continually creatively challenged hip-hop’s sonic status quo, pushing the boundaries of the art-form’s musical and emotional intensity. Yet he’s also managed to maintain a spiritual allegiance to hip-hop tradition as only someone wholly committed to the craft can. El’s definitive musical juxtapositions continue this May with two highly anticipated back to back releases: a collab with ATL word warrior Killer Mike, R.A.P. Music, that’s already spawned superb singles like “Big Beast,” and the dolo endeavor, Cancer 4 Cure, whose title suggests all kinds of caustic goodness. With a reunited Co Flow taking it to the stage this month at Coachella, what better time to hit up El Producto for a list of his favorite sample flips. Read El-P's 10 favorite sample flips HERE.

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