Madlib on Friday Night Flavas (2005)

Props to ByzeOne for this.  This is recorded on January 7, 2005.  Hip Hop forever changed for me when Friday Night Flavas (aka: Fantastik 4our Show) abruptly went off the air in late 2005.  

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Rudy Martinez said...

Ahh Friday Night Flavas!! Memories right there.. I remember when the Baka Boyz put on a Friday Night Flavaz concert (which I won tickets for by winning the Roll Call), the concert was Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Da Brat and Notorious BIG!!! Outkast ripped it (pre ATLiens), Cypress dropped in and tore it up, thank God Da Brat didn't show up, Wu-Tang didn't show up and everybody was pissed as hell, and Notorious BIG got gunned down the week before.. Memories