Friday Night Flavas (6/28/02)

Hopefully, J. Rocc will continue to post these archived shows so we can continue to hear them on Monday mornings. This particular taping really captures the essence of the show. You have Mr. Choc and Truly Odd just clowning around (and clowning some callers too) on the air, while J.Rocc handles duties on the tables. If you listen to J.Rocc's set later in the show you can kind of understand why you hear him mix a lot less hip hop in his sets these days. It almost seems like mixing hip hop just became too easy for him to the point where you can understand why a deejay of his caliber might get bored mixing 4/4 beats over and over again. Enjoy.

BTW, I've got a lot of videos that are way overdue for a post that I plan to post this week. Apologies in advance for the video blowout that should begin tomorrow morning.

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DJ Bozo said...

Bring on the videos. Thanks for posting the Friday Night Flavas mixes. Wonder if Rhett has the old Soul Assassins Radio mixes. Funny stuff on there with Bobo!